Employee Campaign Coordinator Guide


Workplace Coordinators Role is to publicize the United Way campaign where you work, schedule presentations, distribute and collect pledge forms, and coordinate any other fundraisers that can bring staff together for fundraising and team-building exercises.  The time commitment varies based on the size of the workplace, but the typical campaign period is usually just two weeks. At the end, you will be asked to complete the simple Company Report Form and submit it along with any cash/checks collected, as well as copies of employee pledge forms, to the United Way of the Laurel Highlands.  We encourage you to attend United Way kickoff event in September and our Allocation event in May.  This is your opportunity to see the organizations that your dollars fund receive their grants. 

Need help with running your campaign? Below is a list of resources that can assist you:

1. Know Your United Way - 2019 United Way At A Glance

2. 2019 Program Listing & Funding

3. Building Your Team - How To

4. Making Your Ask - What To Do, When To Do It

5. 2019 Campaign Materials

6. Best Practices for Your Campaign

7. Final Pledge Tally & Corporate Pledge Amount Form

8. Staff Information

9. Board of Directors