Youth Drug & Alcohol Prevention


Social Change Initiative: Prevent Substance Abuse Among our Youth
Major investments are being made to evidence-based programs in the priority area of Helping Children and Youth Succeed. Programming is focused on Youth Transition Years which includes the evidence-based program Botvin LifeSkills Youth Drug & Alcohol Prevention Program. This nationally rated evidence-based program is delivered in the classroom and teaches students resiliency lifeskills tools to help them make good choices.

Botvin Overview:

The Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) is the #1 rated evidence-based youth development program. Implemented in schools all over the U.S. and in 36 countries around the world, Botvin LST fosters youth development by teaching personal coping skills, general social skills, and skills for resisting pressures to smoke, drink, use drugs, and engage in other risk behaviors.

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