Cambria County Employee - Payroll Deduction

Invest in your community by donating to United Way of the Laurel Highlands. With your help we can make a bigger impact. - Payroll deduction pledges will be divided evenly between 26 or 24 pay periods depending upon employee status. If you wish to have deduction taken less than 26 or 24 pay periods please let your Payroll Department know.

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Cambria County Offices


UW Community Impact Fund - Make the most powerful investment in the community and direct my contribution to support a network of programs that are screened and monitored to ensure they achieve measurable results.  Early Childhood Development and Parental Engagement - Invest in programs such as Nurse Family Partnership and Parents as teachers which will nurture parental engagement and assist in school readiness for participants pre-birth to age 5.  Youth Drug & Alcohol Abuse - Invest in programs such as Botvin's D & A Prevention, Middle School Youth Initiative, and Power Hour for children during their transitional years, typically grades 6, 7, & 8.


Please list your spouse/partner below. If your annual combined gift with your spouse/partner is $600 or more, you will be recognized in our Leadership Levels.


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