Our Work

Our Work

UWLH is the premier organization in the Laurel Highlands for working to build a framework around shared community goals, collaborative actions, evidence-based outcomes, and investment and sustainability. Its mission, to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community, utilizes and funds 24 diverse Partner Agencies that come together to solve these complex social problems and provide needed services in Cambria and Somerset Counties.

Central to the UWLH’s mission are three primary social change initiatives:

  • Early Childhood Education – Preparing all children socially, emotionally, and academically for kindergarten;
  • Parental Engagement – Increasing parental knowledge of child development and care, and;
  • Youth Drug & Alcohol Prevention – Preventing substance abuse among youth.

With these initiatives at the forefront of their work, the UWLH intends to build a sustainable civic infrastructure around these shared community goals, evidence-based outcomes, and collaborative actions.


Using the Enhanced Community Impact Model (ECIM), the UWLH strives for programmatic excellence via a system rooted in group decision-making and outcomes-based objectives. The ECIM was developed by the UWLH in the course of building a civic infrastructure to systematically create positive social change addressing identified priority community needs. This is accomplished through coalition-building, implementation of evidence-based programming to achieve desired outcomes, actionable strategies to fund programs to scale to meet the need, and commitment to sustainability and long-term change.