Nurse-Family Partnership Program
“The Nurse-Family Partnership Program has been wonderful for my family.  It has helped us realize what to expect through pregnancy and has taught us very good parenting skills. I am so grateful for the program”
Tara Berndt

Parents as Teachers Program
"As an infant, my grandson became my child.  Without the Parent's as Teachers Program, I would not have been able to help him effectively learn through his early years.  I am proud of his progress and committed to being fully engaged in his development to help him reach his full potential"
Pam Kloss

Botvin LifeSkills Training Program
"We, as a community, all need to be proactive with our children to help them make healthy choices and avoid becoming involved with drugs and alcohol.  By the time they are in the criminal justice system, it may be too late.The Botvin LifeSkills Program will make an impact in our communities."
Cpl. William Link - PA State Police/Somerset